Finola's Story - Part 2

In Part 1 I explained how at our little practice, Landers, we were able to reduce our workload to just 4 shorts days a week at et same time as eliminating WIP and achieving a 250% profit growth per partner. In this the second part I will explain exactly how we did it.

It wasn't all plain sailing that's for sure ! There were plenty of challenges along the way and days when both I and my fellow partner, Robert Brown, wanted to throw the towel in and run for the hills.

After buying Landers we spent 5 years sorting out our own housekeeping issues and had achieved a moderate degree of success. Progress however was slow and we felt we needed some extra resources and support to help us as a small firm punch above our weight.


The other side of an amazing story...

On 9 to 10 October 2007 I went to an AVN Conference (Landers are founder members since the year 2000) with my then business partner, Finola McManus. We had an excellent 2 days and began sketching out new and exciting things we were going to do to strengthen our practice as a result of what we had heard and been prompted to think about. Exactly one week later my business partner of 12 years announced to me and our team that she had just been diagnosed with a very serious cancer which would require an intensive course of treatment over the coming 2 months. She passed her in-tray across the desk and to make a long story short, never returned to Landers. Finola went on to fight and win her own battle with typical resolve and success. You may have seen her article previously published on Accounting Web. We were at that stage a team of 12 people. I effectively found myself in the position of being a sole trader. I have no issue with sole traders, in fact I have the utmost respect for them, but I know it isn't for me!


Finola Speaks at
Business Seminar

Finola recently spoke about her ideas and methods during a presentation in November 2008.

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