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Systems to improve communication and efficiency

How to use your time efficiently and plan to achieve your goals. Do you know what you want? How to learn, listen and be a skilled manager - do you do what only a business owner should?

Business and strategic planning

  • What do you want and how to get it - essential personal goal-setting and planning to get your business working for you
  • How to change the culture in the workplace
  • How to get your team on board and grow with you
  • How to draw up your own 10 year plan and make it work for you

Efficiency and productivity issues

  • How to identify what spare capacity you have and how to use it
  • Improve operational systems and increase profits
  • Pricing issues


  • How to win new clients
  • Windows of Opportunity-how to realise the maximum revenue from existing clients
  • What clients are really making most of your profit for you?
  • How to grade your clients and what does this do for you
  • What is your ideal client profile?
  • How to get positive client feedback and make it work to your advantage

Practice Management

  • How to improve your cashflow
  • Eliminate billing problems and bad debts
  • Building the right business structure for your firm
  • How to make your business less dependent on you
  • How to plan and run meetings - so action points get actioned and progress is made
  • How clearly defined Roles and Responsibilities can transform your business

Team and People issues

  • How to find out what your team really think of you!
  • How to get the team involved in making profit
  • How to improve performance and make it enjoyable
  • How to motivate people so you both get what you want
  • How to get regular team feedback and use it to improve your business

Training and Development

  • Strategic business development days – running a programme tailored to what you want to achieve
  • Team Building workshops
  • Workshop for Partners
  • Practice clinic events to answer your questions and provide solutions Initial consultations are free.

Please call 07778 855875 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange an informal chat.


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